Class of 1914 Website Dedication


February 17, 2004


This Web site is dedicated to the Uvalde High School Class of 1914 and to all the members of that class who helped move the Uvalde school system forward with the publication of the first UHS yearbook. We have had great classes, such as the class of 1914, and will continue to have them. It is our hope that this website will be another milestone, similar to the annual of 1914, in the continuous pursuit of excellence at UHS.

This site is also dedicated to Charley Robinson, a great friend, supporter and former employee of UCISD, who made the 1914 class site possible. Here is Charley's story about his relationship to Uvalde and how he discovered and brought the 1914 annual to us.

"I grew up on the George Lyles Ranch just across the Nueces River and because I lived in the La Pryor school district that's where I attended high school. We did out business, shopping, going to the doctor(s) etc in Uvalde. I am a graduate of Texas Tech and coached freshmen football and varsity baseball at Tech for three years. I came back to Uvalde in 1966 as a varsity football assistant under Coach Marvin Gustafson and head baseball coach. I taught several subjects including physical education/health/biology/english & journalism. In 1976 I moved to the Central Office where I held several different positions including Director of Personnel from 1981 until 1991 when I went to the high school as assistant principal. When my 29 year relationship with the UCISD ended in December, 1994 I was the high school principal. For the last nine years I have been teaching and coaching football at Carlsbad High School in Carlsbad New Mexico. I am retiring in May after 41 years in public education + three other years at Texas Tech. I married the former Ann Campbell of La Pryor and we have two children and two grandchildren and have been married 45 years. Uvalde and the people who I have been privileged to work with and know these many years have a very special place in my heart."

"I discovered the 1914 annual when the high school moved from the Studer Street address to its present location. One of the assistant coaches told me that they were throwing away football game film from the 60"s & 70's and said if I wanted any of them I had better hurry to the high school and get them. Well, I was to late for the film (I later went to the dump and salvaged a few of them) so I went from room to room checking out the left overs. In the yearbook room I discovered a fairly large trash receptacle with some old yearbooks and I perhaps discovered the first UHS annual (1914 Colmena). I couldn't believe this one and several others were on their way to the trash heap."

"I have no way of knowing if this is the only (1914) copy to survive but if it is I am glad I happened by because it is a piece of history that perhaps will be meaningful to the ancestors of those who help make Uvalde and Uvalde High School a very special place for many generations."

Charley, thanks for making this site possible,

Nathalie Campbell Patton
Sue Heard Helveston
Gary Heyen