India Louise Davenport Newton
1912 - 2006

Our precious teacher, mentor and friend has joined the angels. Here are some of the things her former students have said about her:

"Mrs. Newton loved her kids. She called all of us "her kids." Mrs. Newton thought that Uvalde High School ought to have a Latin program for the students. Other High Schools, especially the finer schools, had Latin programs and Uvalde did not. The only problem was that nobody in or around Uvalde knew anything about Latin. So, those first few years that Latin was offered at Uvalde High School, she learned with the rest of the class, off of LP's that the school purchased. She taught herself Latin and taught herself more and more each year. Every year before Christmas break she would take the Latin Vulgate (Rome's translation of the bible) and have someone read the Christmas story in Latin. This would usually be a fourth year student, someone who pretty much knew what they were reading. Boy would that be poo-poo'd today or what? Mrs. Newton would also take students who were really into Latin, like I was, and let them mentor students in the earlier years. Because of this she recruited Latin students as early as 4th or 5th grade and she built a powerhouse of Latin students who dominated competition for decades. Students in the late 80's and early 90's particularly dominated spoken word competitions like Sight Recitation and Dramatic Interpretation. Some students and former students, along with Mrs. Newton, were called on to make instructional videos. Mrs. Newton's personality, her determination, her love, and that amazing indescribable light that she had inside of her will live in all of us whose lives she touched. I thank God I was able to be called one of "her kids."   Terry Harrison, class of '88.

From other students: "She taught us that just because we were from a small town school, we were just as smart and capable as the big city kids and could compete with them."
"Ms. Newton is one of my alltime favorites. There is none greater. Some of my most cherished memories are of India Louise taking the pot in a poker game she busted on a JCL trip and claiming them for "Latin Club donations."
"I hope she knew (somehow, I know that she knew) how much she meant to all of us. She was truly a bright and positive influence on my life. Heaven gained a good one today."
"She blessed us all with her love, lessons, and devotion and a shining example of how to live and how to die."
"Thank you, Mrs. Newton...your influence has lasted a lifetime."
"Everyone has a teacher who inspired them to reach greater heights, and for me, she was that teacher."
"I teach today with her voice in my head. I love teaching because she is who taught me what teaching really accomplishes in the life of one in whom you invest."

You can see these and many other comments about Mrs. Newton in our UHSAA Forum and in her obit, posted in our UHSAA Obit section. Please add your comments to our forum and celebrate your memory of her life with us.


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