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Bobsy had a BIG Birthday

Well, this comes under the heading of "Not Possible !" but our own Bobsy Cunningham Sutherland has just had a really, really big birthday. There were some shenannigans that happened as a result of it and you can learn more if you will click HERE for all of the evidence.


The 2009 All-Class Reunion - Homecoming Weekend

The class of '58 retreated to Bobsy and Dub's house during the '09 all-class reunion. They were the perfect hosts and we got to see a couple of faces that we hadn't seen in many years. To find out who that might be and here for the photos to prove it. click HERE.


51st Regional Mini-Reunion

You may not believe this, but we've just had another reunion - a mini reunion at the time of the 51st anniversary of graduation and it sort of happened all of a sudden. It was in San Antonio and you need to know more about it because we're going to be doing them regularly with classmates in the Texas region every six months. Please click HERE to hear the details and to see photos taken at this event, held Saturday, May 23, 2009.




To See a larger, clearer image of this class photo, just click on it

Click the cake above to go to the page with photos from the reunion or you can click REUNION PHOTO PAGE. The page is chronological, starting with registration and hospitality room pictures followed by the pictures from our main event at the Country Club. We will continue to add photos as you send more to us.

Did you get a CD of the recording of our Senior Assembly in 1958? It includes our class will by Sue Hess and George Vernor and our class prophecy by Mary Lois Friday and Steve Suttle, and some skits (including Mrs. Chin), plus several songs sung by Genie and Sue, and the Seven Seniors. Also there are band ensemble songs by Bill Shockley's group and everything that we did on that eventful occasion. We also have a CD recording of Mrs. Pauline Brice's 5th grade class at West Main School doing a play/presentation of American History and the cute little 5th grade voices of Steve Suttle, Word Sherrill, Bill Jackson, Sharron Batts, Sally Speir, Quin McWhirter and many others are on it. What fun to hear it again after all these years. If you did not get them at the reunion and would like to order one or both, contact Quin McWhirter at the email or telephone number listed below our class pictures.

Click HERE to see our 1958 senior class roster and the pages of our Commencement Activities booklet.

Before you leave this page to see the photos taken at the reunion, you can feast your eyes on these photos of some of the St. Philip's kids taken on the steps of the old Parish House that was behind the church and fronted on Mesquite Street. Below that is a photo of Mrs. Wave's first grade class, taken at Benson Primary school. Many of you were in the class and are in the photos. Can you find yourself or identify the others shown?

St. Philip's Kids

First row, left to right is Lyn McWhirter, Bob Ryland, Ronnie Watson, Phyllis Fullenwider, Margaret King, (?), second row Ginny Trevisan, Mack Pryor, Ralph Fulenwider, Johnny Green, third row, John Blackaller, Bill Jackson, Jim LaPeyre, Diane Dooley, James Ryland, Chris King, Quin McWhirter, top row, Steve Suttle, Kent Beecroft, Ann Beecroft, Tom Hardin and Joanna Suttle. Help us fill in the blanks.

Miss Wave's First Grade Class   1946-47

Our time together in Uvalde for our 50th was truly spectacular and exceeded all expectations. Some 114 people showed up to celebrate with us, including classmates, spouses and even teachers. Coach Jimmy Harrell got to pose with four of the taller members of our 1958 team and we hope that one of you who took the photo will send it to us so we can post it on this site.

Our Class at the 2005 Reunion at BBQ 
Seated, L-R    David Morgan, Bobby Perkins, Mike and Tare Mirelez, Bobsy Sutherland, Diane Dooley, 2nd Row - Louis Franklin, Bill Shockley, Sam Lane, Herman Carlisle, Tom Hardin, Bill Jackson, Claude Allen, Bubba Allen, 3rd Row - Jim Bennett, Marcus Burrell, Quin McWhirter, Joe Scott, W.D. Sutherland

Here we are at the Fiesta banquet event

NOW - want to see us at our 20th reunion? Click HERE

Welcome UHS alums of the class of 1958. It's hard to believe that so many years have passed and thanks to the UHS Alumni Association, we have a website and can interact with each other and with members of other clases from over the years. Lots of classmates have joined the association and it's exciting that we are giving scholarships each year to deserving graduating seniors at UHS. We welcome photos and information that you can send us and to do so, just email me or contact me as shown below.

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