This touching rendition of "Mansions Of The Lord"
is sung by the Cadets of the United States
Military Academy at West Point

This memorial page was established by grateful alumni, for the inspiration, remembrance and preservation of the memories of the fallen veterans of Uvalde County, and their sacrifices for America's freedom. Here, we honor those who have gone before us and have served our country, paying the ultimate price, and making the ultimate sacrifice, that our lives and freedom will always be full and rich.

The Bronze Tablet In Uvalde Memorial Park
Honoring WW I Fallen Veterans

Our Honored Fallen Veterans

W o r l d   W a r  I

      Wert Applewhite
      John Roy Baylor
      Reuben Barber
      Thomas Mebane Barnhill
      Frank Blanchette
      Leslie Bounds
      Sidney R Clary
      George Click
      Frank Cummings
      James M Dalrymple
      Victoriano Diaz
      Charles Dickie
      Richard Dole
      Marvin Elliott
      Eric A Goldbeck
      James E Gooding
      Oliver Grant

      Porter Green
      Oscar Haby
      John H. Hines
      Colvin Humphreys
      Arthur Hurt
      John B Johnson
      Abner Leak
      Oscar Lieber
      David Loftis
      Jake McNair
      A Burns Partain
      Herbert N Peters
      Arthur Piper
      Alvin Shue
      Yancy D Taylor
      Roy Vick
      Maxwell Whitfield
      Thomas Valle
"The Right is more precious than Peace.
We shall fight for the things we have
Always carried nearest our hearts
To such a task we dedicate our lives."

W o r l d   W a r   II

    Canuto D. Albarado
    Tomas Buantello, Jr.
    Francisco Camp
    Albert B Capt
    Luis Zamora Cedillo
    Walter J Chant
    Willie D Collins
    Andres S Contreras
    Frank Robert Cummins
    Santiago H Esparaza
    Augusto C Estrada
    Alejandro Fabela
    Walter W Farmer
    Carlos S Fernandez
    Morrison C Fisher
    Louis Flores
    Douglas Flowers
    Byron G Hatch
    Zeke P Herrera

    Martin Hill
    Rodolfo T Hill
    Billie G King
    Herschel B Lewis
    Jessie A Luxton
    Everardo R Maldonado
    David G Martin
    Johnnie L May
    Alfredo Menendez
    Oscar F Meyer
    William E Meyer
    Mitchell Donovan Mills
    William B Milliken
    William J Montgomery
    Ike H Moore
    Randolph A Morse
    Melchor Nolasco
    Enrique T Perez
    George W Proctor
    Robert Russell Racer
    Jesus L Riojas
    Archie H Robey
    Jesus B Rodriguez
    Refugio B Ruiz
    Carl Sanders
    John W Settlemeyer
    George L Stidham
    Herbert A Swift
    Roy Dean Tampke
    Pablo Torres
    Valeriano Torres
    Alfredo Zepeda Uriegas
    Raul V Uriegas
    Antonio F Valle
    Florencio R Vasquez
    Abelino Vera
    Edward James Wyatt

K o r e a n   C o n f l i c t

    Edgar B Gray
    Juan G Hernandez
    Juan Z Plata

V i e t n a m   C o n f l i c t

      Juan Antu
      Juan Francisco Aranda
      Alanson Garland Bynum
      Arnold J Cardenas
      Guillermo De Leon Jr
      Raymundo Gomez

      Juan Antonio Gonzales
      James Ybarra Hidalgo
      Juan Manuel Ramos
      Alberto Vasquez Sanchez
      Reynaldo Sandoval Torres
I r a q i   F r e e d o m

          Travis Babbitt