2016 Joint Reunion for the Classes of 1959 and 1960
April 29-30, 2016

Great Classmates at the 2016 Joint Reunion

Beverly Spillar Pennington, Beverly Heyen, Helen Davis Hutto, Karin Sutherland, Lola Bailey Hill, Linda Anderson
Gary Heyen, Phillip, Gary Sutherland, Culver Duderstadt, Elaine Duderstadt, Brenda Herber
Nick Fohn, Shirley Fohn, Andy Anderson

Great times at the 2016 Joint Reunion

The Joint Reunion was held on Friday and Saturday in Garner Park at the GP Group Dinning Hall. This served as the Hospitality location for the Reunion and we spent much of our visiting time there recalling old times and telling our latest tall tales. Even though we had a small group of attendees everyone had a great time reliving their past and sharing much about themselves. The weather was a little iffy on Friday morning but cleared off Friday afternoon and was great Saturday.

Good Eats at Neal's and Mill Creek!

We ate lunch and dinner on Friday at Neal's in Concan and ate lunch Saturday at Mill Creek in Leakey. We decided to eat in Saturday evening at the Dinning Hall. We had originally thought we were going to have dinner at Neal's and that change resulted in us losing contact with one of our reunion couples - see their great story below.

Friday - Lunch at Neal's
Nick Fohn, Beverly & Gary Heyen, Culver & Elaine Duderstadt, Lola Bailey Hill, Walter Huegele

Friday - Dinner at Neal's
Linda & Andy Anderson, Elaine & Culver Duderstadt, Gary Heyen, Nick Fohn, Gary Sutherland, Lola Bailey Hill

Saturday - Lunch at Mill Creek
Brenda Herber, Shirley Fohn, Karin Sutherland, Phillip, Gary Sutherland, Gary Heyen,
Elaine & Culver Duderstadt, Helen Davis Hutto, Beverly Spillar Pennington, Lola Bailey Hill, Beverly Heyen, Linda Anderson

Saturday - Lunch at Mill Creek
Culver Duderstadt, Helen Davis Hutto, Beverly Spillar Pennington, Lola Bailey Hill, Beverly Heyen, Linda & Andy Anderson
Brenda Herber, Shirley Fohn, Karin Sutherland, Elaine Duderstadt, Phillip, Nick Fohn

Saturday - Linda and Andy at Mill Creek

Saturday - Nick and Wade Reagor at Mill Creek

Our Special Guest - Brenda Herber

We would like to recognize a special guest, Brenda Herber, widow of Steve Herber from the class of '60, for making a special effort to attend the reunion with Andy and Linda Anderson. We enjoyed visiting with Brenda and were glad she attended.

Friday - Dinner at Neal's
Brenda Herber, Linda & Andy Anderson, Elaine & Culver Duderstadt, Gary Heyen

Thanks Culver and Elaine

Culver and Elaine Duderstadt invited us to visit their home in the Frio Canyon just three miles from Garner Park. Two groups went over on both days to visit their beautiful home. It is in the Hill Country set in high hills and cedar breaks. Thanks to Culver and Elaine for giving us the opportunity to see their great place. It is truely one of a kind.

Photos by Culver Duderstadt of their Homestead in the Frio Canyon.

Culver & Elaine's Home                   The Pavilion & Outdoor Kitchen

The Pavilion                       View of the yard

The Keyhole Garden                   View of the yard

The Ladies Outing!

The ladies decided to take off on their own on Saturday afternoon and did some shopping and site seeing in Leakey. We almost thought they left us, but they finally made it back with some goodies they purchased in Leakey. They had a great time!

Saturday - What is the plan?
Brenda Herber, Elaine Duderstadt, Beverly Spillar Pennington, Linda Anderson, Helen Davis Hutto,
Shirley Fohn, Beverly Heyen, Karin Sutherland

Saturday - I have a plan!
Beverly Spillar Pennington, Linda Anderson, Helen Davis Hutto, Brenda Herber, Elaine Duderstadt

Saturday - Ladies back from their outing - What's up?
Shirley Fohn, Karin Sutherland, Lola Bailey Hill, Beverly Heyen

Saturday - What can we do next?
Linda Anderson, Elaine Duderstadt, Beverly Spillar Pennington

Bertha & Pete - Our Lost Reunion Couple!

Here is a special story about a couple that tried to join our reunion but ended up at another reunion going on at the same time. Bertha Ayala and Pete Dominguez, class of '59, tried to meet us at Neal's on Saturday evening for dinner. Unfortunately we had decided to have dinner at our Garner location and missed them.

All was not lost though. Bertha and Pete ran into the Class of '62/'63 reunion group at Neal's and They struck Gold. There Bertha met two people with special connections to her past. She met Mrs. Moron, her God Mother's Daughter and Barbara Sears Elrod, daughter of our '59 high school principal.

Mr. Sears was responsible for Bertha receiving scholarships to pay for her college up through her Masterís degree. She had never been able to thank him and was now able to do so through Barbara. Bertha was also able to share stories with Mrs. Moron about her mother who had been at Bertha's baptism 74 years earlier.

So even though they missed our reunion Bertha and Pete were able to make contact with folks they had wanted to discover for years. What a happy story that is based on our reunion.

The Photos of the reunion were taken by Walter Huegele and Culver Duderstadt. Please thank Walter and Culver for these neat photos.