50th Reunion - November 6-8, 2009

A Happy Group of Classmates at the 50th

John Rowland, Bertha Zapata Varela, Mary Louise Fitch Dickehut, Charles Goldberg
Lola Neil Bailey Hill, Joe Hook, Shirley Williams Owen, Deanna Dimmitt,
Lupe Hernandez Perry, Victor Perry

Our 50th reunion was very special, as it culminated in an anniversary we will never forget. We had a ball, everyone was happy and pleased to see their classmates. The Reunion was coordinated by John Rowland and his Reunion team of Shirley Williams Owen, Lola Neil Bailey Hill, Judy Allen Berry, Pepper Kincaid Kinzer, Nick Fohn and Gary Heyen. This Reunion resulted in the publication of the 50th Reunion Memory Book. This was created by Shirley Williams Owen and Lola Neil Bailey Hill. It is a work of art that contains a majority of the history and present information about our class. It is a beautiful work that will be treasured by our class and their families.

50th Reunion - Memories. Slides, Bios, Photos

50th Reunion Memory Book  

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Judy Allen Berry      Zac Gray      Gary Heyen     
Joe Hook      Pepper Kincaid Kinzer     
Lue Ella Jones LeBoeuf       Carol McClintock Roberts  
Glenda Roe Seamons      Charley Simpson      Lola Nell Bailey Hill     
Mary Louise Fitch Dickehut      Betty Sue Rausch      Gary Sutherland     
Helen Davis Hutto      Larry Bill Cummins      Beverly Spillar Pennington     
Ronnie Glover      Tom Renken      Shirley Williams Owen     
Betty Jean Everett Murphree      Paul Smith      Joe Rodriguez, Jr.     
Charles "Boots" Goldberg      Linda Perry Bennett     

Bios of Departed Classmates
Billie Jean Scott Spencer       Patsy Sue Ramey Knox     Gaye Dean Merritt
Connie Mitchell      Gloria Harms Swint      Mel Glauberg     
Larry Warren      Jim Tom Boone      Susie Finley     

John Rowland      Paul Alfred "Freddy" Edwards     Carol Bray Jording

Photos from our past