Welcome UHS Classmates and Friends

March 25, 2003

We were blessed by having had the opportunity of growing up in a special time and place. We were able to build friendships that have lasted from the middle of one century into the beginning of the next. Now we have again been blessed with the technology that allows us to renew and rekindle relationships that were formed so many years ago. Life has separated many of us by miles and circumstance, but the Internet can and will bring us back together. This web site will allow us to enjoy old memories and build new ones as well.

Uvalde High School Alumni are proud to present what we think will not only be a stroll down memory lane, but also a channel for the renewal and strengthening of valued friendships.
For those of you wanting to know more about this site, the UHS Alumni web site was established during the winter of 2002-2003. It began as the Class of '59 with Gary Heyen as the Webmaster. In March of 2003 an invitation was made and accepted to include the class of '58 with Quin McWhirter as the Webmaster for his class. This was followed by an invitation to the class of 60 that has also been accepted. Through their efforts and the overwhelming generosity of Wayne Williams, who was previously a complete stranger, the site was established and now continues to grow. One of our main goals is to have all other Uvalde High School classes become part of this site in the future.
The UHS Alumni Site is registered on the World Wide Web and its domain name is WWW.uhsalumni.com.
Classmates, this site is about and for you. Only with your participation and input will it continue to become the greatest site of its kind on the web. Enjoy, return, and participate! Please take a few moments to read the descriptions of the selections on the Menu Panel. Be sure to bookmark this site for easier access on your return trips.

Mel Glauberg
UHS Class of 1959