Class of '59 - 45th Reunion November 1, 2003

The class of '59 had a great time in Concan. There were 32 classmates and their guest present. We met at Neal's Hospitality Room and did a lot of visiting. We then enjoyed a great lunch at Neal's restaurant. The following four pages of photos were all taken in and around Neal's restaurant. We had several special guest and visitors: Barbara Black Williamson's mother, Reitha Askew, had lunch with us, John Buchanan and his family visited with us and Betty Sue Rausch's sister, Tomme, from the class of '57 joined us. Many other pictures were taken at the reunion and they will be added to this site as we receive them.


                         LOOKING GOOOOOOOOOOOD at Neal's!!

Front Row: Lue Ella Jones Ham, Eloise Sansom Calloway,Judy Arnold Hibdon, Judy Allen Berry, Barbara Black Williamson, Frances Bragg Hutchens, Karin Sutherland, Gary Sutherland, Victor Perry, Sue Finley, Helen Davis Hutto, Betty Sue Rausch, Tomme Rausch

2nd/3rd Row: Becky Winn Rohde, Jim Castellaw, Linda Moore Castellaw, James Hibdon, Linda Perry Bennett, Elaine Fisher Slubar, Lorretta Warren, Larry Warren, Susana Rodriquez Garza, Robert Garza, Beverly Spillar Pennington, Elby Hutto, Lupe Hernandez Perry

Back Row: Gary Heyen, Mel Glauberg, Jim Bennett, Randy Capps, Paul Smith, Zac Gray, Audie Gray, Eugene Langner, Jim Tom Boone, Nick Fohn, Don Harp

Not Pictured: Mary Louise Fitch Dickehut, Edna Garcia Hernandez, Truman Holbrook, Pepper Kincaid Kinzer

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