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Minutes of Annual Meeting July 21st, 2007

The meeting was called to order at 10:10 am, a quorum was established by the members present. The reading of the Treasurers report and the reading of the minutes were dispensed by acclamation.

Pockets of Refuge Tutoring Program and UCISD matters

Chairman Terry Harrison reported on the Pockets of Refuge Tutoring Program and the plans on expanding the program in the coming school year. There was much support from the members present and all decided to try and recruit volunteers for the PoR program. It was also reported that UCISD has just hired an “At-Risk Coordinator” for the district to focus on “at risk” children in the school system. Terry also reported that he has joined a new committee formed from the Uvalde Area Chamber of Commerce. The Uvalde Education Committee is focused on getting Uvalde area businesses to assist with the education of our children. They will also act as volunteer generators for organizations like St. Henry De Osso Family Literacy and ours It was also metioned that the new Principal at the High School Todd Nix is in office and had a good vision for the UHSAA and the High School, and future workings between the two. He had not worked with an Alumni Association before and he was anxious to get started working with us and developing a positive relationship with the UHSAA. It was also mentioned during general discussion that Dr. Anita Torres Smith would be a valuable addition to the PoR program and the UHSAA’s involvement in the community in general.

Halloween and Homecoming

The assembly decided that they would like for the UHSAA to participate in Homecoming activities this year and to have some participation in the Halloween festivities this year. It was decided by acclamation that we would enter in the parade for Homecoming and that we would minimally have a booth in the Halloween carnival. David Beard, as UHSAA’s Public Relations Chairman, will look into the Associations involvement in these two activities. Savina Rodriguez, a member attending, requested contact and volunteered to help. For her contact information please contact Terry Harrison or George Speir.

Scholarship Ceremony

Though turnout for the Scholarship Banquet was rather low it was considered a success with dignitaries from the School District in attendance and two of the three Scholarship Awardees families’ in attendance. The members present were introduced to our new High School Principal Todd Nix and Asst. Superintendent Dr. Sarah Bixler and her husband. There was also a member present from the Scholarship Selection Committee and they were given a round of applause for their work on the awardees.

Memership Committee

After the resignation of Board Member Gary Heyen, George Speir was named Membership Committee Chair.

Old Board Members and Newly Elected

The current Board members are as follows with those whose terms are expiring in red:

  -Terry Harrison, Chairman
  -Barbara Sears Elrod, Vice Chairman
  -Carmen Iruegas, Secretary
  -Kay Graves Jungerman, Treasurer
  -William “Wild Bill” Carman
  -Speck Nelson
  -David Beard
  -one Board position open for election (2 year term) vacated by Paul Kimble

Those elected to the New Board of Directors are:

  -Terry Harrison
  -Carmen Iruegas
  -Ann Molloy
  -(Appointed to fill in for the 1 year remaining term vacated by Gary Heyen) Nathalie Patten
  -William “Wild Bill” Carman

New officers will be elected by the Board at the first meeting of the new Board of Directors to be held in August.

Board of Directors

Since many of the Board of Directors were unable to make it to the Annual Meeting it was decided that the Annual Board Workshop will be held closer to Homecoming so that those Board Members can participate in our float entry and attend the face-to-face Annual Board Workshop simultaneously.

The meeting concluded at 11:53am and was adjourned by acclamation.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Terry Harrison, Lame-Duck Chairman UHSAA
    Proud Coyote, Class of 1988

Organizational Meeting - April 24, 2003

A meeting was called by Gary Heyen and others to discuss the feasibility of converting his web site to an Alumni Site and the tentative formation of an Alumni Association. The meeting was held on April 24, 2003 at 7:30 PM on the Alumni Internet Site. Those invited were former classmates with known E-mail addresses. Approximately thirty Alumni attended. Gary Heyen made the announcement that David Beard had agreed to be the first Chairman of the Alumni Association and asked the Alumni for their support in terms of membership and monies. Membership dues were discussed along with plans for a press release to the Uvalde Leader News concerning the formation and plans for the UHS Alumni Association. Many Alumni had not seen or heard from each other in over forty years. For this reason it was impossible to finish the rest of the business meeting. It was decided to let people visit and David would call another meeting soon that would be for business purposes only. Meeting was adjourned for visiting purposes.

General Meeting - May 8, 2003

Thirty two former Uvalde High School students met in the Alumni Association Internet Chat Room at 7:30 P.M. May 8, 2003. David Beard, Chairman presided at the meeting.It was announced the Uvalde Leader News had agreed to publish a press release concerning our Association. David announced that he and others would be seeking meetings with the Uvalde School Board and Uvalde Chamber of Commerce. Membership dues and start up expenses were discussed. Membership dues were set at $20.00 a year. The Internet site is now being paid by Gary Heyen. His expenses are fifteen dollars per month and a one time start up fee of one hundred dollars. Gary will be reimbursed for his out of pocket expenses as soon as funds become available. Discussion was also centered on how best to approach the Alumni about joining the Association. It was decided that a Membership Chairman would be appointed by the Board to study how best to make contact with former classmates. Meeting was adjourned by David J. Beard, Chairman.

General Meeting - June 12, 2003

The meeting of the UHS Alumni Association met at the Alumni Internet Chat Site on Thursday June 12, 2003 at 7:30 P.M. Approximately eighteen Alumni of Uvalde High School were in attendance. Others could not attend because of inclement weather. Storms were rolling across the country. David J. Beard, Chairman called the meeting to order. Nathalie Patton, Sec. Treas., gave a report on the progress of the organization of the Association. It was reported that a bank account was opened on June 2, 2003 with a deposit of five hundred dollars. The balance on June 12th was 780.00. Requirements for making withdrawals are two signatures of Warren D. Neill and Nathalie C. Patton. The Association is in the process of applying for a non profit status with the IRS. The Texas State Certificate of Incorporation has been granted. David Beard is working on the Association Bylaws. Our EIN number has been secured from the IRS which allows us to carry on our banking business. Some cost for the State Filings and the IRS 1023 did occur. It was stated that other meeting would be called to approve the Bylaws and Meeting Minutes. Mel Glauberg, Membership Chairman gave his progress report. Each class will have their own membership director. That person will in turn report progress back to Mel. Mel also asked that he be updated on new members so he would not contact folks who had already joined. The meeting was adjourned by David J. Beard, Chairman

UHSALUMNI Scholarship Committee Meeting – Thursday Oct. 30th, 2003 Holiday Inn – Uvalde, Texas

Agenda / Minutes
Those in attendance: Nathalie Patton, David Beard, Maria Flores, Valjean Fountain, Anna and John Mendeke

1.UHSAA Chairman David Beard’s remarks on the scholarship committee’s mission and purpose:
a)Set the selection criteria
b)Notify potential applicants of available scholarships
c)Select recipients
d)Provide academic and technical scholarships

2.The Committee’s membership and meeting dates
a)The committee should have a minimum of 5 members to function
b)The committee can conduct business with a quorum of 3 members, one of which needs to be the committee chairperson or co-chairperson
c)Primary meeting dates will be during Oct., Jan, and Apr.
d)Special meetings maybe required to address particular issues needing the committee’s attention

3.Committee’s Responsibilities:
a)Set the selection criteria for scholarship rewards
b)Coordinate with the Uvalde High School counseling department
c)Create a UHSAA Scholarship application and update it each October if necessary
d)Review scholarship applications and make selections
e)Notify the UHSAA Board of the selections recommended. They will have one week to voice any changes to the selections.
f)Notify the recipients of the awards by the first week of May
g)Notify the UHSAA Board treasurer when to make first and second semester payment of funds

4.Review the draft of the UHSAA Scholarship Application (see the attached final version of the brochure / application)
The brochure indicates a special one-year introductory membership to UHSAA for graduating seniors of $5.

Meeting adjourned at 8pm

First Annual Membership Meeting - June 11, 2005
First State Bank, Uvalde, Texas

The meeting was called to order at 4:30 p.m. by Chairman George Speir who gave a brief history of the organization of the Alumni Association and it's purpose. He introduced the original Board of Directors as follows: David Beard (57), Chairman; George Speir (57) Vice Chairman; Sue Heard Helveston (60; Quin McWhirter (58; Gary Heyen (59.

George informed those present that Nathalie Campbell Patton (60) who serves as Secretary-Treasurer of the organization was not in attendance due to a death in her family. He further explained that David Beard's recent resignation from the board due to personal health issues, and Gary Heyen's notification that he would resign from the board, effective at the end of the reunion, brought the current number of board members to four. Since five well-qualified UHSAA members had agreed to run for these offices and ballots had already been mailed, the current board decided to accept all five applicants to make up a full board of nine members. The new members to the Board of Directors were introduced and they are as follows: Bill Carman (49); Neil Gilligan (45); Terry Harrison (88); Carmen Ibarra Iruegas (55); Kay Graves Jungerman (65);

Chairman Speir gave the Treasurer's Report in the absence of Nathalie Patton, Secretary-Treasurer. The following report is as of May 31, 2005:

    Beginning balance      $10,691.18
    Dues/Donations             2,360.35
    Reunion fees                 7,942.00
    Disbursements            - 1,202.45
    Total                        $ 19,791.08

    Investment Account    $ 24,894.44
    TOTAL HOLDINGS      $ 44,685.52

Chairman Speir gave the following membership information as of Thursday, June 9, 2005: 487 Members and Friends; 238 Life Members; 238 Annual Members; 6 Life Friends; 4 Annual Friends; 1 Business Member. On January 1, 2005, the organization had a total of 414 members so we have gained 87 members since the first of the year and other members are expected to register during the reunion weekend.

Chairman Speir explained that after the reunion is completed, the main thrust of the UHSAA will be to (1) build membership, and (2) obtain volunteers at the grass-roots level. The plan is to use class contacts to build the contact list for mail-outs, etc. We still have many graduates who still do not know about the association and we want to find them. The local volunteers are needed to help the UHSAA gain exposure and for things such as fund-raising. Some of the things that might be done are to man tables at football games or other athletic events, attend school open houses, or build a float to be used in local parades. Attendants were reminded of the sesquicentennial is coming up in the summer of 2006 and this will be a good time to help us gain local exposure for the UHSAA.

George introduced Bill Cockerill who is a current member of the UCISD School Board and explained that Mr. Cockerill had asked to speak to the group. Mr. Cockerill expressed thanks for what the UHSAA has done for the school district thus far. He invited attendees to also attend local school board meetings, which occur on the first Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. They also meet on the third Tuesday to discuss curriculum. He explained that the school funding issue has not completely been decided by the legislature and asked all of us to contact our local State Representative about our concerns in regard to the issue. He said the picture is not looking good at this time and the Alumni Association may be asked to help in some other areas if state funding does not provide what is needed by the district for a quality education for students. He again thanked George for the opportunity to speak to the group.

Quin McWhirter asked George to explain what had been done to get members of the senior class involved in the UHSAA. Chairman Speir explained that members of the senior class were given brochures offering them free membership in the organization for four years. Only one person responded. He asked members to be thinking of ideas of how to get new graduates involved. It is important to get them on our mailing lists and in the system before they have time to become "lost" or much harder to locate.

Chairman Speir asked if there were further questions or comments. Betty Hook Hussey (68) thanked those responsible for getting the UHSAA up and running. She also thanked them for all the work that had been put into making the All-School Reunion a reality.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Barbara Elrod, Acting Secretary.

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