July 1, 2003


    Hello everyone! Since it has been early March since I last brought everyone up to date, I felt it was time to produce a newsletter. The newsletters are scheduled to be a quarterly event, so I guess I am only a few days behind.

    Many wonderful things have happened in the interim, along with doses of sadness caused by the passing of former classmates. We have lost Dick Smith, class of '57, and Felix Hernandez, class of '59. I recently spoke via telephone with Felix's widow and am happy to report the she is doing well. She told me that Felix left her well prepared for his passing, both financially and emotionally. If there are others that I do not know of, please contact me in order that proper mention of them can be made.

    Most of you know by now that an alumni association has been formed for Uvalde High School. David Beard ('57) is the Chairman. Gary Heyen ('59) is Vice-Chairman. Nathalie Campbell Patton ('60) is the Secretary-Treasurer. Contact information for these individuals will appear at the bottom of this e-mail. Nathalie has recently filed all of the necessary documents, both state and federal, to give us legal status as a non-profit organization. It is our goal that the association will always be a volunteer effort in order to insure the the monies raised by dues, etc. will be used to meet the goals put forth in our mission statement. (Mission statement is posted on the web site www.uhsalumni.com ). We, the association, are still a very small group, but growing almost daily. To those of you who are already members and to those who have generously added contributions in excess of the dues, I send you a heartfelt "THANK YOU!!".

    David Beard recently traveled to Uvalde from his home in Austin for preliminary and exploratory meetings with Hal Harrell (school principal) and others. The results of that trip were encouraging. There was universal enthusiasm and interest in what we are trying to accomplish. I need to mention that David made the trip out of his own pocket, refusing to use association funds for any expense. Also, Nathalie Patton has advanced the monies needed (almost $400) for non-profit filing out of her personal account. These people need to be repaid, but they refuse reimbursement for now in order to see that the association gets off to a financial head start. It is our goal that a scholarship will be endowed for the graduating class of '04. The dollar amount of the scholarship has yet to be determined, it will of course depend on the success of our membership drives. Folks, the dues are just $20 annually, or $100 for a lifetime membership. Please take the time to join us, twenty dollars doesn't buy much anymore, but when combined with many others, it has the ability to have an enormous potential for good in the life of others. Make your check payable to Uvalde High School Alumni Association and forward it to Nathalie Patton. Her mailing address will appear below.

    I guess this is about all for now, I would very much like to hear from all of you!! Visit the site and become part of the Association.


    An oooollld Coyote,

    Mel Glauberg

    Contact Information:

    David Beard
    5205 Valley Oak Dr.
    Austin TX 78731

    Gary Heyen
    6804 N. Capital of Texas Hwy #226
    Austin TX 78731

    Nathalie Campbell Patton
    P.O. Box 509
    Uvalde TX 78802

    Membership Committee Chairman:
    Mel Glauberg
    6621 Jax-Cutoff #B7
    Jacksonville Ar 72076


    March 10, 2003


    Since this is the first newsletter for the site, there is really not a lot of news to report. The future content is going to be very dependent on you. Whenever you have something that you would like included in this space, please e-mail the info to me at msglauberg@comcast.net . Any and everything concerning yourself, clasmates and their families, items of general interest, memories, prayer requests, obituaries, or humorous entries. What this will not be, however is a gossip column.

    Wednesday nights at 8:00PM Central has been dedided upon as the time for scheduled group chats. I will not forward any more reminders to clutter up your e-mail inbox. If you have been having trouble finding someone in the chat room, Wednesday nights will be your best chance to find someone in there!

    I would also like to use this forum to again plead with you to send me current photos of you and your family for inclusion to the appropiate albums that have been created for them on "Webshots" and for adding to the "Then and Now" area of this site. C'mon now, if I can stand putting my ugly mug out there for everybody to see, it should be a walk in the park for the rest of you.

    I think the biggest piece of news is something you already know. The site is expanding to include the class of '58. Gary and I want to welcome Quin as the webmaster for the class and we are looking forward to the increased participation that their class will bring to the site.

    That is about it for this month. If you enjoy what is happening here, please participate! I'm looking forward to "seeing" you on Wednesday nights.



    6621 Jax-Cutoff #B7
    Jacksonville, AR 72076
    e-mail: msglauberg@comcast.net