Mission Statement
of the

Uvalde   High   School
Alumni Association

The Uvalde High School Alumni Association has been formed to provide a point of mutual contact for all alumni and a communication point between alumni and the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District. It is our mission to enhance the lives of our alumni by providing a central communications resource and to offer help and assistance to alumni in ways identified by the Association which are consistent with our mission and within our resources. We will strive to do the following:

I.   Assist in raising funds for special projects and needs of students and alumni of Uvalde High School.

II.  Provide lines of communication for members to renew and strengthen friendships formed during their years at Uvalde High School. This will be accomplished through Quarterly newsletters and the Uvalde High School Alumni Association website which is available for use by all UHS alumni.

III. Endow one or more scholarships for graduates of Uvalde High School. These scholarship(s) will be targeted for student(s) who have shown the ability to succeed academically and would find it difficult or impossible to continue their education without a scholarship.