UHSAA Projects and Status

The Uvalde High School Alumni Association is pursuing its mission and has completed projects and is planning others in the march to that goal. Here are some examples of these projects.

  • UHSAA has Obtained exempt status from the IRS based on our incorporation as a non-profit corporation.

  • UHSAA has obtained a bulk-mailing permit Working with the U.S.P.S.

  • A mail-out, including self-addressed envelope and Alumni Registration form, to members of class of '57 was completed and was a very effective membership recruitment tool. This was all accomplished with outside donations.

  • Two mail-outs, including Newsletter, self-addressed envelope and Alumni Registration form, to all know alumni have been completed. This is a very effective membership recruitment tool and has more than paid for itself with new memberships.

  • The UHSAA Scholarship Committee has been selected and co-chairman have been announced. Their responsibilities will include:

    1. Develop/recommend criteria to the Board for selection
    2. Evaluate applications
    3. Submit recommended candidate names to the Board for final selection

  • UHSAA has given scholarships to UHS students Raul Valdez and Emmanuel Zamora. On the evening of May 12, 2004, an awards dinner was held for our scholarship recipients and their parents.

  • A membership drive was held at the UHS Homecoming game on October 31, 2003 in Uvalde. This was very sucessful and resulted in many new memberships and further exposure for UHSAA.

  • Recruit businesses in Uvalde to be a special category of member, such as Friends of the Alumni Association in exchange for acknowledging their membership and support on the UHSAA website.

  • Plans to appoint a Budget Committee to forecast income, identify spending categories and amounts to budget for them and recommend a budget to the Board which will be posted on the UHSAA website.

  • Identification of amendments, additions to the by-laws.