More Reunion Photos

Check out these madcaps from the class of '48 whooping it up at the Fiesta. Kids will be kids !


But not to be outdone - the Class of '60 rocks and rolls! They even snuck off to Neal's for a close encounter of their own. Now, if you really want to see the whole 1960 shootin match, just click HERE.


Well, don't know about that class of '58. Looks like they were guarding their territory and Diane, Claude and Bubba spotted some poachers. It also looks like there's a basketball team hiding in there somewhere, or at least some has-beens.




Then, here come the classes of 1962 and '63 and they're all over the place. Linda Young Roosa has Gerry Moore and Dale Curry wrapped up, and Blanche Bland Pape and Nadine Everett Welch are celebrating their prize catch.


Someone always has to be the center of attention, and it looks like Blanche has volunteered. On the left, she has collared Jackie Leath, and Bobby Baker, and on the right, she has her hooks around Dale Curry and Billy Jones. Sheesh !


Here's a swarm of '62ers huddled together and perhaps having a bit of fun and most likely talking about those '63 hooligans. They are Linda Mireles Heinz, Delia Zamarripa Mancha, Rachel Espadas Tafolla, Hector Romo, Josephine Leal Sanchez and Carol Martinez Tovar , and in the second photo - Josephine Leal Sanchez, Carol Martinez Tovar, Richard Garcia, Hector Romo, Linda Mireles Heinz, Delia Zamarripa Mancha.


And here's a bunch of em shuffled together, invading each other's space.

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